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Elementary schooler sings Putin ode at talent show

Source: Meduza

An elementary school student at a talent show recently performed a curious new song celebrating Vladimir Putin, with lyrics like “the Euro-West has gone all out, spreading lies and sowing doubt,” and “with Perestroika, came the sleaze when the Iron Curtain got the squeeze.”

A boy sings “Putin Is So Super”! The jury is mystified! :) Amazing! / Oleg Likhachev

russian patriot

Where and under what circumstances this talent show took place remain unclear. Oleg Likhachev, the author of the original Putin is so super song, published the video on his YouTube page on February 13, 2015. It currently has over 361,000 views.

Vladimir Putin is so super! (A song about the Russian president.) / Oleg Likhachev

олег лихачев

Likhachev is the author of other similar songs like Vladimir Putin is so super 2 (alternatively titled Russia was created by God) and Vladimir Putin is so super 3 (also known as The oligarchs bit off more than they could chew).